Mechanical Solutions

Our range of mechanical solutions include our Mechanical gate, Barrier and Screen walls and Mechanical Turn style and checkout closer. See below our range of mechanical solution products and downloable brochure guides for further information.

Mechanical Gate

Our mechanical gates offer an extremely effective yet economical access security solution. As reliable as it is practical, our mechanical gates are designed to be used in areas to positively indicate the entrance/exit flow and particularly suited where maximum security is not required.

The gates can be used for making entrances, exits and pedestrian passageways, they can partition and block off rooms, politely direct customers from the entrance to the cash desk and provide you with a means of orientation amidst the wide range of products
you stock. 
Options of mechanical gates include: 

Barrier and Screen Walls

Our barrier and screen walls are a innovative, modern and sleek guidance system, customisable to any layout. Radford offers a flexible and modular customer guidance system which can be used to guide customers in a particular direction or act as a physical barrier.

The standard fixings make it easy to vary the layout. The rails and uprights are available in a number of lengths and heights. We can of course tailor our customer guidance system to suit your requirements. The standard finish of our rails and uprights is chrome but you can also get them powder coated in the RAL of your choice.

Mechanical Turn style and Checkout Closer

Our Mechanical checkout closer have the ability to be opened by firm body pressure to give an emergency breakout facility. A simple adjustment removes the breakout resistance and make the closer bi-directional. This type of checkout closer can have the optional added feature of being armed which is rest manually ensuring a member of staff has registered the disturbance. 
The Mechanical turn style is The mechanical turnstile is the ideal solution for controlling Customer flow on a limited budget. This turnstile is compact yet very effective -allowing throughput to be controlled with only minimum supervision. It is a proven design and is constructed from the highest
quality materials to give total reliability. The added benefit to this particular unit is that
the turnstile has a built in safety feature. When the turnstile is lifted up, the whole unit
can be moved to give a clear wide exit in emergencies. 

The number one provider for customer guidance solutions

Our customer guidance entry system is the solution your Australian retail store needs. It is convenient, helping customers build confidence on how to navigate in the right direction. Our bespoke customer guidance solutions reduce retail shrinkage and protect your profits. Below our just a few of our trusted clients who incorporate the customer guidance entry systems throughout their stores. 

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The number one provider for customer guidance solutions

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