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Our range of electronic solutions include our Alpha gate, Easy Gate, Sigma Gate. See below our range of mechanical solution products and downloable brochure guides for further information.

Alpha Gate

The Alpha Gate, as the name suggests, is a top-notch entrance door for your store. It has several smart features that make it indispensable to big business. The ChildSafe technology detects children near the door and ensures they use the door safely. The Anti-panic mood prevents the opening of the arms. Another exciting feature is connecting with the fire alarm system to ensure a safe exit during an emergency.   Alphagate is designed to be compatible with LED glass gate arms. glass arms are available in seven different lengths and three LED light colours: blue, green and red, where red Is used to indicte the anit-panaic mode.
Alphagate is designed to be compatible with LED glass gate arms. Glass arms are available in seven different lengths and three LED light colors: blue, green and red, where red is used to indicate the anti-panic mode. 
Options of the Alpha gate include: 

Easy Gate

An easy gate is a simple form of entrance that Radford provides. It is simple to use and understand. This door helps create a welcoming atmosphere as customers enter the store. With Easy gates, you are rest assured that shoplifting is eliminated and profit is maximized.
The gate is equipped with LED indicator, has a smart back 2 back connection of two gates, simplified wiring for ceiling power supply and a smart rail installation. Easygate NG has a safety anti-panic feature. It includes audible alarm and LED lighting which are activated when the gate arms are pushed in the wrong direction. The audible alarm will also sound if someone tries to slide a basket under a gate arm

Sigma Gate

Sigma gates is an extra level above the simple entrance gates. It is ideal for a big shopping store. Other luxurious businesses that may want their customers to experience luxury from the entrance will benefit from this gate. It is classy, modern, compact and fitted with smart technology that ensures you get your money’s worth. 
Sigmagate is available in a stainless steel finish or can be ordered lacquered in any custom colour. The transparent gated are illuminated and can be engraved with logos, text or symbols. The LED illumination can be coloured according to your corporate profile, but can also switch between ed and green to indicate status or blink to attract attention – for instance if an illustration alarm has been triggered.

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Our customer guidance entry system is the solution your Australian retail store needs. It is convenient, helping customers build confidence on how to navigate in the right direction. Our bespoke customer guidance solutions reduce retail shrinkage and protect your profits. Below our just a few of our trusted clients who incorporate the customer guidance entry systems throughout their stores. 

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