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Our range of electronic solutions include our Automatic gate checkout closer, Scan master and Exit flow. See below our range of mechanical solution products and downloable brochure guides for further information.

Automatic gate Checkout Closer

Our checkout closers provide a strong visual deterrent and physical barrier safeguarding

customers and easily directing customers to the available checkout areas. Radford’s range of checkout closers have a modern sleek appearance by virtue of the very compact 60mm barrel design and high quality chrome finish. The  checkout closer is very versatile and can be installed as a standalone post mounted unit or incorporated with guidance rails, checkout desks or mounted to walls.
Our checkout closer includes a lock and key to secure the gate arm and also benefits from an emergency ‘breakout’ function which allows the customer to evacuate using the exit in case of emergency. 

Scan Master

The Scan Master provider by Radford is an barcode-reader which can be used in your self-checkout area . The product reads all commonly used barcodes including QR-codes and it reads the codes as well on paper as it does on a smartphone. It can be integrated with any point of sale (POS) system or used as a stand-alone solution without integration.

Features of the Scan Master include:

Exit Flow

Radford’s exit flow is an all rounded checkout solution. The exit flow comprises of automatic gates, SigmaGate or AlphaGate in which it provides secure and controlled access and existing. The solution also provides receipt scanning to validate correct payments. The Exit flow is available in two options. The first is a ScanMaster Upright and the second is a ScanMaster XD. 
Both of these options work efficiently and effectively to validate payment receipts, regardless if the barcode is traditional or a. more modern code such as a QR code. 

The number one provider for customer guidance solutions

Our customer guidance entry system is the solution your Australian retail store needs. It is convenient, helping customers build confidence on how to navigate in the right direction. Our bespoke customer guidance solutions reduce retail shrinkage and protect your profits. Below our just a few of our trusted clients who incorporate the customer guidance entry systems throughout their stores. 

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The number one provider for customer guidance solutions

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